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Tina Russo Coash - Publisher / Editor / Writer
Tina Russo Coash – Publisher / Editor / Writer

Tina first came to yoga in 2006, in her home state of Connecticut. By the end of 2008, she was a certified yoga instructor with a 220-hour certification from The Bodhi Tree in Charlotte, NC. Since then, she has been certified through Warriors at Ease and Veterans Yoga Project, where she was able to study under Dr. Dan Libby. She is currently finishing her Master Trainer certification (500 hours) through YogaFaith. Her specialties include trauma-informed yoga and yoga for all body types.

Tina is a member of Christian Yoga Association. She holds a certificate in Professional Writing from TTC in Charleston, SC.

Though Tina first brought the idea of Christian Yoga Magazine to her friend Jane, Tina ultimately took over the magazine after it was launched in the summer of 2021. With a background in writing and working in publishing, Tina is excited to continue bringing great content for Christian yogis around the world.

When Tina is not writing, she is hanging out with her family. They have five dogs, two cats, and a rabbit. As a family, they enjoy hockey, baseball, camping, reading, and traveling.

Michelle Waugh Brinkley - Staff Contributor
Michelle Waugh Brinkley – Staff Contributor

As a mental health and movement advocate, my passion is to see lives restored by the power of the Holy Spirit, through meditation, body awareness, and intentional movement. Feel more confident living in your body, excepting the skin you are in, and increase your tenacity to live a physically, mentally, and spiritually abundant life. Through years of practice, I have learned how to feel better in my body, heal from trauma, and accept God’s overwhelming goodness and grace. Yoga, as well as talk therapy, is part of my ongoing personal anxiety and depression treatment. 
As a Registered Christian Yoga Association Therapist, I lead Christ-centered group classes, small group workshops, and create specialized programs for my one-on-one clients. My goal is for each student to embrace their given identity through Movement Worship and Breath, regardless of their skill level, abilities, or age.     
Being a bold disciple, I evangelize to strangers, friends, and students alike. My Alongsider Mentorship Program is an opportunity for me to walk with individuals seeking to deepen their faith; classically trained yoga instructors looking to weave the Word, and serve as a tutor for instructors working through their education programs. I am also a Lead Volunteer with a local equestrian discipleship program, using horses and Scripture in a unique horsemanship experience to share the hope and love of Christ. 
I am the proud mother of two teen children, a nurse’s wife, and a do-it-yourselfer. In my spare time, I enjoy sewing, being outside, and reading.    
“Fix your attention on God and you will be changed from the inside out.”
Romans 12:2

<strong>Michelle Thielen</strong>
Michelle Thielen

Called the Yoga Pastor, Michelle Thielen, R-CYAMT, C-IAYT, is a speaker, author of Stretching Your Faith and traveling yogi who has been teaching somatic movement through dance and yoga for over 20 years. A student of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experience (SE), and Eric Walrabenstein’s therapy for psychological wounds, Michelle is passionate about helping the world heal from trauma to live a life of purpose.

As a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist and meditation expert, Michelle has been instrumental in aiding with the restoration of those who suffer from trauma, intense anxiety or depression into healing and freedom. She travels around the world aiding in the rescue efforts of human trafficking victims as well as raising awareness about the epidemic. She holds certifications with the American Council of Exercise, is a Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists and founded the Christian Yoga Association in 2018, to build a bridge between faith-based yoga practitioners and educators.

She has 3 200-hour Certifications, 3 500-hour Certifications, Certified in Yoga Therapy with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and a Minister through Christian Global Outreach Ministries. Michelle has been the lead trainer of almost 200 Teacher Trainings.

Dave LeGates – Staff Contributor

Dave LeGates is a beloved Child of God,  Certified Yoga Teacher, and Christian Yoga Association Master Teacher. 
He is the Leader behind Asana In The Highest Christian Yoga Ministry and a daily devotional yogi. 
He is certified for Trauma Sensitive Yoga and writes daily on real Christian Yoga connections to Scripture and applications along with his slices of real-life and storytelling pieces. 
Dave’s features will include insights on asana, Scripture, trauma,  breath work,  healthcare, humor, family life, and men’s issues. 
Dave is married, has 4 adult children and 10 grandchildren. 
By day he is a Certified Orthotist and frontline healthcare provider.   

Ennette Lainchbury - Staff Contributor
Ennette Lainchbury – Staff Contributor

My name is Ennette. That photo for this bio was taken exactly 1 minute after pressing send on an email to our editor Jane for my very first article in this issue. I still pinch myself even now thinking that I get to be a part of this amazing idea and have this incredible opportunity to write content for this magazine. Maybe the first thing to know about me is that I will always prefer a little video message or voice note over an email or text- can you tell already that I’m a big fat extrovert?! I’m 29, holding onto my twenties for dear life and yet still feeling just a little too jaded and old, to be classed as a young millennial anymore!! In lockdown life, I’m currently on furlough in the UK, enjoying pseudo early retirement/domestic bliss: this involves lots of yoga and walks with friends, naps, coffee, and Netflix, and trying to read more.  
The second thing to know is that ordinarily, when we’re not all going through a global pandemic, I’m busy in the evenings (and sometimes all-day 10-12hrs) as a waitress here in Nottingham, England. I love my job: at its best, it’s really fast-paced involves a lot of extrovert energy and being a part of people’s special or ordinary evenings out. There’s just something pretty special I can’t quite put to words that I love about serving others in this way and it really naturally taps into a lot of my strengths and personality traits. I’ve been working in hospitality on and off for the last 7 years since finishing my degree and master’s. 
The third thing to know: I studied Law in Nottingham where I met my husband; (however, it would be another seven years before we dated and were actually friends as opposed to loosely connected “friends of friends”, but that’s another story for another bio maybe haha). After taking a gap year to do my church internship, I fell in love with the hospitality industry and it was during this time that I also fell head over heels in love with Yoga as well. This brings me to this current juncture in my life where I’m currently doing my 200hr online Christian Yoga teacher training with CrossYoga Europe and the wonderful Rie. I’ve recently launched my own little Christian yoga dream come true and started my business ImagoDei Wellbeing & Yoga,  in February of 2021. 
I guess the last thing I could add to this bio is if you like films and Bradley Cooper: I highly recommend the film Burnt. It’s everything I love about hospitality in a film, I suppose Rachel in Friends did not do justice to the profession haha!! (it also features that French actor who’s starring in the Netflix series Lupin if anyone is a fan of that kind of stuff? – can you tell I love films?) lol anyway bye for now. See why I prefer a quick little voice note? Already this bio is so long! Thanks for getting through it and getting to know me a little.  

Chelsea Washington- Staff Contributor
Chelsea Washington- Staff Contributor

Dr. Chelsea D. Washington, a Licensed Christian Counselor, Certified Life Coach, and RYT200 Yoga Instructor, brings humility, compassion, wisdom, and spiritual awareness into every space she is called. 
As a successful entrepreneur, consultant, and leader, Chelsea’s meditation and yoga journey began nearly 15 years ago when she was diagnosed with Lupus. Uncertain of what her life would become and how she would continue to care for her young children and husband, Chelsea leaned on the only thing she knew, her faith. It was this faith that brought her to her mat and deepened her relationship with the Divine. Chelsea experienced years of limited mobility in a wheelchair and on oxygen; amid chronic pain, hospital stays, and numerous experimental treatments. In every aspect, the life she once knew was gone. It was only through a consistent wellness program of spirituality, meditation, yoga, healthy diet, and environmental changes that she gradually improved her overall well-being. At the center of all these things, Chelsea firmly believes that love saved her life and brought her to where she is today–the love of friends and family, the love of self-acceptance and healing, and most importantly, the love of the Divine.
After years of sharing her experience with others, Chelsea felt the whisper of the Spirit that it was time to share the lessons she learned to empower others on a larger platform. In 2021, she founded My Ohm Wellness, LLC, a virtual wellness studio that aims to provide people with accessible wellness resources in a multitude of formats. 
Through her acclaimed podcast Divine Centered Meditations, small group mindfulness/meditation sessions, mindful yoga classes, one-on-one coaching, books, and organic products, Chelsea meets participants wherever they are in their wellness journey and invites each person into a healing space of love and acceptance.
Chelsea firmly believes that our journey in life is never a singular endeavor; each of us, intertwined in the tapestry of life- a life where the wisdom and the love of the Divine are always present. We must simply be still enough to listen to invite the energy of peace and the power of calm into our lives.
Chelsea and her husband currently reside in Virginia with their three children and three furbabies. And as recovering Type A (who is not so recovered… lol), she believes laughter and love are the cure for everything!


Sara Tynan- Staff Contributor
Sara Tynan- Staff Contributor

Sara Tynan is a passionate yoga teacher and Christ follower. She teaches a variety of yoga styles such as yin, power, and gentle. One of her passions is using sound healing as a way to honor Christ. Her main goal in her business is spreading peace, positivity, and the accepting love of Christ. She is a mother, wife, and writer. Her passions are yoga, her family, and serving at her church and within the community. Sara is also dedicated to bringing awareness to mental health and wellness by utilizing tools such as faith and yoga.

Amy Bernier - Staff Contributor
Amy Bernier – Staff Contributor

Amy Bernier has been working in the health promotion field for over 20 years.  She has her master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and has been a certified yoga teacher for over 15 years.  In 2015 she obtained a certification as a yoga therapist, from the Yoga Life Institute of NH.   Because of Amy’s interest in sharing pearls of wisdom from the yoga tradition and how these teachings can bring ease, peace, acceptance, and grace into all of our moments, she has begun work on a book entitled You are not Broken, a Yogi’s take on WHOLENESS.

Karen Koczwara - Staff Contributor
Karen Koczwara – Staff Contributor

Karen Koczwara is a California native and mother of four young adults. A former English teacher, she began freelance writing over ten years ago and has written hundreds of stories, articles, and books for clients and publications all over the world. She began her yoga practice in 2018 at a local studio and found it life-changing. In 2019, she received her yoga certification with Holy Yoga and has been seeking creative ways to teach in challenging circumstances since. She has a heart for senior citizens and believes yoga is a powerful tool people can use to keep their minds sharp and heal. When not writing or doing yoga down at the beach, she enjoys walking her dog, baking, crafting, playing the piano, and traveling. She recently published her first children’s book, Daisy’s Little Big Prayer, collaborating with an aunt, a talented illustrator. She has a heart for God and her community and seeks to bless sex trafficking victims through her non-profit organization, Hands2Feet, which she founded in 2018. 

Kelly McLellan - Staff Contributor
Kelly McLellan – Staff Contributor

Kelly McLellan (E-RYT 200, RYT 500) has been a student of yoga for over 25 years and teaching embodiment practices for almost as long! She attended the University of Florida where she studied psychology and the mind-body connection. She went on to receive a Masters in Health Science Education specializing in holistic health and alternative therapies.
She is the owner of Getting Still and the creator of Sanctuary Studies, an online educational platform dedicated to providing a supportive community and quality courses and training for seekers who desire to understand the practices and philosophies of yoga from a Christian worldview. Her published works include The Postures of Prayer: A Christian Yoga Deck and Journeying through the Chakras with Christ. For more information, check out her website gettingstill.com and be sure to sign up to receive her free e-book, Yoga for Christians.
Follow Kelly on social media, to get a peek inside the studios:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getting.still/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gettingstill

Dr. Donna Jagielski
Dr. Donna Jagielski

Dr. Donna Jagielski holds a doctorate in education from ASU. She has been an educator, educational administrator and currently works in educational programming for a nonprofit organization. She is actively involved in her church in Phoenix and Flagstaff where she maintains dual residency. She is a RYT-200 and RCYT-95 and is a member of the Yoga Alliance. She currently leads Christ-centered yoga for the Women on the Move program she facilitates at her Phoenix church and also leads yoga at a juvenile detention center in Phoenix.

Kristi Hardy
Kristi Hardy

Kristi began her yoga journey in 2001 when she checked out a yoga video at her local library. A studio opened in her hometown shortly after and the peace and connection she felt on her mat was deep from that point on. She began formal teacher training but didn’t finish when she became pregnant with her first son in 2009. In 2019, she felt the urge to teach again, began training, and became RYFT 200 certified in 2021 through YogaFaith. She is also certified in Xen Strength Yoga under Danielle Diamond. She teaches elementary music full-time to over 550 kindergarteners and lives in Crosby, Texas with her husband and 2 sons.

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