Crockpot Turkey Breast Recipe

Amy Iverson brings us this AMAZING, easy, and healthy, Crockpot Turkey Breast! The best Crockpot Turkey Breast Recipe that isContinue reading “Crockpot Turkey Breast Recipe”

Baked Acorn Squash

Just like any other squash you have had, you can simply use a fork to eat the squash. This is one of the easiest (and tastiest) foods you can add to the holiday table this year, and know you are getting some wonderful nutrients and vitamins.

Can Christians do Yoga?

Then one day, I drove past an Assemblies of God Church with a sign out front that said, “The Gathering: A safe place for spiritual seekers.” I happened to be in the car with my other Jesus-loving yoga teacher friend, and we all but exploded with excitement.

Yoga Using (Almost) Everything Around the Home

by: Jessica Bryant There is a common myth about the use of props being “taboo” or makes you “less than.”Continue reading “Yoga Using (Almost) Everything Around the Home”

Raising Kid Yogis Who Pray

Over the weekend I struggled like I do every September 11th. This year was harder than most, because twenty yearsContinue reading “Raising Kid Yogis Who Pray”

The Why & How of Ujjayi Breath in Yoga

Yoga is the unity of mind and body and to achieve this unity, we often focus on our breath asContinue reading “The Why & How of Ujjayi Breath in Yoga”

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